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Singapore Condo – Our Top Picks for Design Lovers

Singapore is a clean and green city. Following the many years of growth and prosperity in Singapore, property developers have upped their game to attract property investors with amazingly designed condos. Our friends at Greyloft share with us their top 5 best designed condos in Singapore. Greyloft Article If you are on the lookout for a unique Singapore condo, it’s safe to say that the Little Red Dot won’t disappoint. Boasting an incredible collection of condos, you will be quickly treated to world-class architecture, outstanding design and facilities galore. Take a peek at these gems! Reflections at Keppel Bay Located at...

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Hugging Makes Your Food Stay Fresher, Longer

One of the best ways to keep your food fresh is to air-tight your food in plastic wraps or zip lock bags and put them in the fridge. That works. The problem though, is that zip lock bags and plastic wraps are not very environmentally friendly. These items are pretty much use and throw away (I highly discourage re-using!). So with the trend in silicone products in cooking and baking, we now have “silicon food savers” that can help help your food fresh in a brand new way. Can you imagine keeping a half-sliced apple fresh? Check out the...

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Quick Changes to Make Your Home Look Amazing Again

As we move into another new year, one of the best ways to look forward with a fresh perspective would to be to do some quick refurnishing at home. You don’t necessarily have to renovate the whole house to get a fresh new look, it’s much simpler than that. Some of the areas we can quickly change and make your home look amazing are curtains cushions bedding (bed sheets, pillow case, etc) wall art And all the bonus of this article, is that we are going to recommend you these amazing small changes at the lowest price possible! Possibly...

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6 spots in your home you never clean, but really should

Think your home is as spotless as can be? Think again. No matter how often or how thoroughly we clean our homes, there are spots that we all forget. And unfortunately, these are often the dirtiest spots of all. But this no longer has to be the case. With this checklist of the most frequently forgotten parts of your home – plus quick and easy natural cleaning tips to get them shining again – you’ll have a house that truly is as spotless as can be in no time at all. Thanks to our friends at Helpling, an online...

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