As we move into another new year, one of the best ways to look forward with a fresh perspective would to be to do some quick refurnishing at home.

You don’t necessarily have to renovate the whole house to get a fresh new look, it’s much simpler than that.

Some of the areas we can quickly change and make your home look amazing are

  • curtains
  • cushions
  • bedding (bed sheets, pillow case, etc)
  • wall art

And all the bonus of this article, is that we are going to recommend you these amazing small changes at the lowest price possible! Possibly cheaper than the shopping centre 50% sale too!

From the basics to the posh feel, there is something to suit any home.  Let’s get started!


Posh look curtainsPricing and more designs

Posh Look Curtains

Huge Classic FlowersPricing and more designs

Classic Flowery Curtains

Basic color curtains – Pricing and more designs

Basic Color Curtains

Romantic ButterfliesPricing and more designs

Romantic Butterfly Curtain

Shimmering Sheer CurtainPricing and more designs

Shimmering Sheer Curtain


Puppy cushions! (we all love puppies) – Pricing and more designs

Puppy cushions

Kitty cushions (can you resist buying this?) – Pricing and more designs

Kitty Cushions

Posh look cushionsPricing and more designs

Posh look cushions

European style cushionsPricing and more designs

European Style Cushions

Bedding Set (Pillow case, bedsheet, etc)

Simple designsPricing and more designs

Simple design bedding

Nice and silky lookPricing and more designs

Nice and silky bedding

Posh look beddingPricing and more designs

Posh Look Bedding

Something for the kids tooPricing and more designs

Children design bedding

Wall Art

Blissful bicycle ride wall stickerPricing and more designs

Blissful bicycle ride wall sticker

Mini hearts wall stickersPricing and more designs

Mini hearts wall stickers

Lovely tree with flowers and birdPricing and more designs

Tree with flowers and birds wall sticker

Stars and more stars wall stickersPricing and more designs

Stars wall stickers

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** All photos and images are copyright of the respective owners/merchants who are selling the products. **