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Our wardrobe is full of clothes, but we always have a hard time finding for something suitable to wear… After years of buying clothes that seemed like a good idea at the time, most of us don’t know what we have in our wardrobes anymore.

But don’t worry, Helpling, the leading online platform for booking cleaners in Singapore has provided some tips to achieve an organised and clutter-free wardrobe no time! You’ll be amazed by the amount of time you’ll save and stress you will eliminate simply by being organised. Not to mention, the amount of outfits you will discover that you never knew you had!

STEP 1 – Grab everything from your closet and dump it all onto your bed. That means every last bra and all of your sad individual socks stuck at the back. This step helps you realise how much useless items you are holding on to at the back of your cupboard.

STEP 2 – Once you have removed every single item, spray the surface with water or vinegar solution and give it a good wipe down.This will remove dust and is a great way to see how much space you really have. This allows you to start planning what is really important to go back in your wardrobe.

STEP 3 – Discard rusty hangers and old shoe racks. Rusty-wired hangers ruin clothes with creases and stains. Our advice is to throw them away and invest in wooden hangers that will not only last longer, but will protect your clothes. You can find realised and cheap wooden hangers at any supermarket.

STEP 4 – Spend some time to think about how to best utilise your new wardrobe space before going on your next shopping spree though! Storage boxes are a good way of making use of your space. There is no limit to your creativity – whether you need new hooks, racks or baskets, a quick stop in your homeware store will give you plenty of options.

STEP 5 – This step is the hardest part of the whole task- Getting rid of what you don’t wear and keeping only what you do.
The idea is to discard clothes that you haven’t worn for more than 12 months, and put those that you haven’t worn it in 6 months in the ‘maybe’ pile. Keep the rest of the clothes and put it where it’s visible so you will remember to wear them again.

STEP 6 – Throwing out sentimental items can be tough and emotional. It is recommended to donate them to charity as not only will you save lots of precious storage space but think about how you can give your clothes a new life and allow others to make memories. Other option could be to sell them off on gumtree, expat forums or even carousell, where you can make an extra cash.

STEP 7 – While you’re sorting out your clothes, place them into different categories such as ‘Business wear’, ‘Casual wear’ ‘Weekend wear’ and ‘evening wear’. The aim is to separate your clothes into at least 3 distinctive groups .

STEP 8 – Start sorting your clothes into the various categories you established in the previous step. This second part of sorting will make it easier when it comes to placing everything back.

STEP 9 – Now that everything is sorted, you can place your clothes back into your wardrobe. A practical rule: Always hang blazers, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts and any garment that is silk or delicate. Other items can be folded.

STEP 10 – Set aside a few drawers for random items such as jewellery, scarves, socks, swimwear and hats

  • Stack bags side by side to help maintain shape and if possible keep them in cloth bags to avoid them getting dusty.
  • Divide jewellery into categories (necklaces, rings, etc) and store them in clear containers so they are visible.

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Thanks to our friend at Helpling for this acticle. They also wrote an article about ‘6 spots in your home you never clean, but really should‘ previously. You can read them here

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