diy_oyster_shellWhat you’ll need:

  1. Oyster Shell ( or other shells )
  2. Gold Spray Paint
  3. Clear Sealant Spray


  1. Clean the oyster shells to make sure there are no bits of flesh left. I actually soaked them in diluted bleach for a couple of hours to make sure there’s nothing nasty left. It did bleach the colour of the shells a little but I actually really like the effect!
  2. Protect the area you’re working on. Spray the inside of the shells with a thin coat of gold spray and let dry. If you’ve sprayed on too much and the paint is pooling at the bottom, you can twirl the shells around to help spread the paint and then leave it upside down over some napkins to dry. Repeat according to the re-coating instructions on the spray can.
  3. Once your 2 coats of paint are dry, spray a thin coat of clear protective sealant on top to help make them more scratch resistant. Let dry.