1. Avoid Bad Wood Finishes



As you can see in the first image the colour of the wood doesn’t fits in with the bedroom colour. It gives the room an even more dull look. Try using lighter wood colours if your room colour is dark or dull.

2. Hang your curtains higher



The image on the left is a bad example! You shouldn’t hang your curtain that low! You should hang it higher as shown on the right! If its higher than the bottom part of your curtain won’t get dirty easily and will look better!

3. Avoid Using Too Many Photos or Posters



Using too many posters or photo frames isn’t a good thing. It looks like asthough you are over doing it and makes the house walls terrible and if you ever get bored of the posters or photo frames than you will realise that there is too many holes in the walls which is a bad thing!

4. Use the Right Rug for your Living Room!



Don’t even think about using this rug for your living room!! This is one of the bad examples of using a rug! A rug is supposed to keep your feet warm from the cold tiles and beautify your house and not just lie down below a coffee table!



This is a good example of the right rug for your living room! The front 2 feet of the sofa must be on top of the rug or if you have a bigger rug than you can place the whole sofa on top of the rug! Here are other good examples and ideas of what type of rugs to use Click here!

5. Don’t Use Too Much White



credits:http://indohomedesign.net/fresh-white-house-interior-design-in/, http://lawd.co/design/65221/shipping-furniture-to-hawaii/shipping-furniture-to-hawaii-1-luxury-house-interior-design-india/

Don’t use too much white!!! It is good to add colour to your house and life. Too much white can look quite plain, boring and can get dirty easily especially if you have kids at home! The below image is quite a good example of a house if you wan white but want to keep a balance of it!

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