1. Piano Bookshelf


Credit: ripost.net

Love playing piano and reading books? Why not combine them into one!

2. 2-in-1 Multifunctional Kitchen Shelf

Awesome-Multifunctional-Kitchen-Shelf-IdeasCredit: syndyk.by

Love cooking but need to cooking book with you? No worries! With this 2-in-1 shelf, you can store and use both in your kitchen.

3. Pipe Wall Shelf

il_fullxfull.344421204Credit: www.etsy.com
Using pipe wall shelf is cheap and give it the vintage look! The best thing is if your shelf is all fill up, you can install more shelves yourself.

4. Map of USA Shelf

mapCredit: limitlessbase.com
With this map of USA shelf you can place your books in the correct states!

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