We are all human and as human, we make mistakes. But to make any mistake in the renovation or decoration of your home, your family and you would have to face it for a good few years.

In this article, we run you through the 8 biggest home decoration mistakes you can make, so that you can watch out and avoid them. And live happily, ever, after.

Let’s start with colours.

1. Paint Colour Combinations without a Theme

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Everyone in the family can have different opinions about what colours they want their room to be. But how good are we at selecting colours that go well together? One room could have different paint colours for the different walls and ceiling, and different rooms can definitely look interesting with different colours. For the amateur home-owner who doesn’t have a degree in home design, always, always, use a colour guide.

If you want to explore paint colour schemes and ideas, here’s a perfect website to do so. Not only can you browse through ideas based on colour scheme, there are recommendations of colour schemes based on the kind of space you are planning for, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. Check it out here.

2. Shaggy Rugs and Carpets

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With a wide variety of colours, shaggy rugs can look nice and feel cozy. But can you imagine the kind of dirt that can trapped inside? And for your information, these rugs can shed, yes, just like man’s best friend (dog), or even more. Think twice if you really want to deal with the cleaning required.

If you really want to get such rugs or already have them, be sure to first read these tips on cleaning.

3. Marble Countertops

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Marble countertops are the most beautiful ever. However, ask any home owner who had marble countertops before and they will tell you about how fast scratches and stains appear on the countertop. Faster than you can finish cooking your first meal, and not that beautiful anymore.

Consider quartz countertops, they come in the same amount of variety, and can be much more durable.

4. Sofa with Striking Colours

Credit: shoproomideas.com

Design trends always change, it can be easy to change cushions, curtains, paint and wall art to change the look of your house. But a sofa usually stays with you for many years, especially if you get emotionally attached to it. So getting a sofa with striking colour is a big no-no, definitely can create problems matching the overall colour scheme in the long run.

5. Rushing

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Wise men say, only fools rush in“. Well, sometimes you can’t help but rush to fall in love. But rushing on your home renovation can be a big mistake. Just like any kind of project work, it takes time to plan and work on it. And when unplanned events happen, it also takes time to manage the hiccups and re-plan if necessary. Take your time and make it right, and then you can enjoy your wonderful home.

6. Moving Furniture In Before Renovation Completes

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If painting is not complete, don’t move in your furniture. If the flooring is incomplete, don’t move in your furniture. If carpentry and fixed installations are incomplete, don’t move in your furniture. Firstly, furniture will be in the way of your renovation contractors, they become obstacles for them to complete their job with efficiency. Secondly, why risk getting your furniture dirty or damaged from the renovation works?

Bottom line, plan your furniture deliveries so that renovations can be completed before moving them in.

7. Buying Used Furniture That Requires Reupholstering

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Buying used furniture that requires reupholstering is never worth it. Adding on the cost of reupholstering and the used piece, you might even be able to buy it brand new. What’s more, the used furniture might be bug-ridden and worse if you find out after spending on reupholstering.

It’s ok to buy used furniture, but be extremely careful if you really want to get used sofas and beds. Make sure the condition is good and no reupholstering is required.

8. White Carpets

Credit: www.designingcity.com

White is definitely a good colour and might be a great match for the colour scheme you have chosen. But white carpets to step on? Obviously white gets dirty easily, so unless you intend to clean the carpets everyday or ban everyone to step on it, don’t get white carpets. It’s just not a good choice.


That brings us to the end of this article. Avoid those 8 mistakes and have a smooth renovation for your wonderful home!


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