1. Take down your curtains and inspect before washing


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During your inspection of your curtains, you must look out for if your curtains are affected by the sun where they may be having sun rotting complications. If you have notice sun rotting, do not wash your curtain as it may lead to tearing when washing, just gently remove the dust.

2. Use vacuum cleaner to remove lose particles


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There maybe loose duct particles that have been collecting on your curtains.

3. Remove hair fabrics that are visible on the curtains


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After vacuuming you may see fur from pets that you may have and hair fabrics. To remove it, you can use sticky roller or lint brush.

4. Select the best method of washing


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Incase if you have a very large curtains, you a bathtub to wash, as high chance your washing machine would spoil due to the large size.

5. Take good care of curtain rings


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To maintain them shiny, you can boil them in vinegar to restore their shiny nature in case they are a bit rusty.

Credit: http://www.singaporelaundry.com/articles/6-ways-to-clean-your-curtain-like-a-professional.html