1. Shoes


Start off with a fairly easy task: shoe storage! Maybe you’ve let your footwear pile up on the floor of your closet over the year, or you simply haven’t gone through all your pairs and thrown out the ones you know you don’t really need. Invest in a closet shoe rack or cube organizer to keep your heels looking neat. Be sure to toss any old sandals or sneakers that you’re only holding on to for sentimental value! When you’re done with the job, you’ll be amazed at how much room you’ve created.

2. Purses


Whether you’ve got a few, 10, or three dozen, it’s time to dig through and downsize. If you’re a hardcore handbag collector, try to put at least three in your goodbye pile. You don’t necessarily have to toss — you can sell them online, give to a friend, or donate to the local thrift shop. You’ll make someone else smile!

As for the purses and clutches you’re keeping, place them neatly on a high shelf next to each other, or string them up on hangers.

3. Hats


It’s a hat party! Perhaps you’re obsessed with textured fedoras, or maybe you’re a total sucker for cozy ball caps. You know the drill: dispose of anything that’s ragged, faded, falling apart, or taking up too much space. Don’t hold on to something you’ll never wear.

Stack the remaining hats neatly, or purchase a wall mount organizer so they can stay on display — inside or outside the closet.

4. Clothes


Now for the toughest undertaking. Looking at your attire in complete disarray might make you want to melt down, but stay strong! With a little hard work, it’s definitely doable.

First, take all your clothes out of the closet, because you’re going to need a clean slate in order to organize effectively and systematically. Once you’re done with this, start with your sweaters, thick sweatpants, sweater dresses, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and hoodies. Place all hangable items on hangers on the left side of your closet. Arrange according to category and if you want to take it a step further, by color as well. This will make it simple to find things when you’re in a hurry at 7 a.m.

Next, place non-hangable items in drawers. Use your dresser or bureau if you have one. Be sure to fold neatly, and try to maintain order to each drawer. Repeat these steps for your clothes!

Any extra items you may have can be folded and stacked on a high shelf, or placed in a plastic box that can slide under your bed. Remember, if you come across anything in your wardrobe you’re no longer interested in, donate, sell, or toss!

5. Jewelry and Accessories


Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a lot of jewelry and accessories since you began cleaning! Place any baubles in a jewelry organizer (you can even try something that hangs up on the wall!). Belts, scarves, and ties can go on a few hangers.

6. Miscellaneous


Go through any miscellaneous objects (boxes, books, random trinkets) and organize accordingly. Invest in a few extra shelves if need be . . . but remember, the more minimalistic your closet, the better!