1. Key Catchall


If you don’t want to hang a key hook, do yourself a favor and get a key catchall. Having a designated place to place your keys when you walk through the door will save you from the “running late” syndrome.

2. Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers will keep your stacks of linens in order without creating an eyesore.

3. Glass Jars

Credit: sugru.com

Put your pantry on display by keeping dried goods and other treats in lidded glass jars.

4. Pegboards

If you’ve seen these used to hang pots and pans, you’ll be happy to know that the idea translates for any room in the house.

5. Drawer Organizers

If shuffling through a drawer to find a tube of lipstick gives you anxiety, you’ll be amazed by the efficiency that a simple drawer organizer can offer.

6. A Magnetic Knife Strip

Credit: www.chrislovesjulia.com

Forget the space-saving allure of forgoing a knife block — we’re crazy about the fact that you can see the shapes and sizes of your most utilized knives while keeping them in reach.

7. Well-Stocked Trays


It’s amazing how quickly a tray can corral clutter.

8. Stainless Steel Shelving

Credit: kinggeorgehomes.com

A lack of cabinet space doesn’t have to stop you from owning bulky appliances like KitchenAid mixers and high-powered blenders. Some of the cutest rentals we’ve seen use stainless steel shelves for stylishly organization, making it easy to keep everything within sight. You can extend them or shorten them for a customized height.

9. Labeled Boxes


Labeled boxes are a great way to organize the things you want out of sight.

10. Tension Rod Dividers


Use them to organize kitchen items like pot and pan lids, trays, and cutting boards.

11. Ceramic Egg Racks

Ceramic-Egg-RacksCredit: iki-gai.ru

While they’re intended for eggs, that doesn’t mean they can’t work for another use. Use the shallow cups to organize rings and earrings.

12. Wall-Mounted Drawers

Whether you need more storage space for clothes or craft supplies, these wall-mounted mesh drawers allow you to customize your storage and easily see what you’re storing.

13. Makeup Brush Cups


Instead of cramming makeup brushes into a messy drawer or makeup bag, keep them within easy reach in a stylish cup.

14. Spices at the Ready

Whether it’s a drawer filled with neat rows of spices or a creative DIY that frees cabinet space, every organized cook seems to have their spice collection under control.

15. Clever Toilet Paper Storage


Running out of it when you need it is the worst, but stacking it in plain sight can cramp your bathroom’s style. Kill two birds with one stone by turning a basket into a toilet paper organizer and dispenser.

Credit: http://www.popsugar.com/home/Best-Home-Organizing-Products-37140497?stream_view=1#photo-37154240